Phase 1

Phase 1 is about creating a financial base for Miraz. With the technique of condensing water Miraz is already able to produce water in the Netherlands. Currently Miraz is working on a market research to see which way, water can be brought best as a consumer product. This way Miraz will be able to fund their own research in perfecting the technique of cooling air for condensing water in dry lands.

Phase 2

Phase 2 is about getting worldwide. Desertification is not a regional problem. Especially where water shortage is a part of the cause for desertification, many people use air conditioning to cool their homes. With the research Miraz conducts, it is able to turn a normal conditioning in a water winning micro factory. Now a days air conditioning is mostly driven by compressors, which consume lots of energy and use refrigerants which harm the ozone layer. Miraz works on environmental friendly cooling techniques, also suitable for air conditioning.

Phase 3

At phase 3 it is time to bring water where it is needed! By providing water in dry lands it won’t immediately restore land, but it will give the people who restore land a constant water supply. In order to be a sustainable solution the machine needs to be flexible and as passive as possible. Also the machine must be easy usable for the end users. Miraz is currently working on the best combination for these criteria.

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