Team Miraz

In May 2017 a group of five students were given the assignment to solve a world problem. Whilst it is impossible to rank world problems, the students were (and still are) intrinsic motivated when it comes to stop desertification. That’s why they didn’t stop when the course was passed.

Late 2017 Miraz applied for a funding for the Miraz project. Still in school, the Miraz team arranged to combine Miraz with their studies. And with the funding granted by SIA HBO Take-off the Miraz team was ready to test their ideals with the big boys. The most important big boys are the persons who are already restoring land. These are the ones  who are already battling desertification, and who can use Miraz’ the moost. That’s why the Miraz team went to Spain in July 2018 to meat them.

In June 2018 Miraz opened their first office in Eindhoven. From there the Miraz project formed into a multiphase project to establish a sound future as a sustainable company.

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